Who Benefits from the WEA-LI

Who Benefits from the WEA Leadership Institute

Our People - who we serve Our strength is in unity - our effectiveness is through our people! Our Alliances Whether they are called fellowships, associations, councils, networks, forums or alliances, these are the organizations we serve. Evangelicals gather in association to serve together in collaborative initiatives that would be too large for any one denomination or group of churches. They also develop a representative voice, seeking to express Evangelical values, address concerns, and speak up for the down-trodden. National Evangelical Alliances give practical expression to the unity of the body of Christ. The Leadership Institute serves these organizations. National Evangelical Alliance Leaders Frequently, new Alliance leaders come to this ministry and are surprised to discover they will need a new set of skills and qualities to be an effective Alliance leader. The Leadership Institute serves these leaders by providing the urgent "need-to-know now" Emerging Leadership We pray for a great future and strong impact on our nations by effective leaders who move our National Evangelical Alliances from where they are to something greater and stronger. The Leadership Institute serves future Alliance leaders. Partners and Affiliates Many WEA Global Partners, denominations and other organizations already affiliated with the WEA or National Alliances operate like associations (voluntary member driven organizations). The Leadership Institute learning resources are also designed to strengthen the partners and affiliates of our national alliances around the world. The Leadership Institute serves the members of the members of the WEA.

WEA Members

  • Regional Evangelical Alliances
  • Evangelical Alliances
  • Associates
  • Church networks and denominations
  • Global Partners
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